Seaside Beach Retreat, DVD


Artist: Jeanne Draachreider
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
Runtime: 8 Hours

Product Description

Well, I’m so excited you finally decided to purchase that wonderful seaside retreat you’ve been dreaming about!  It’s a big decision though…with lots more decisions to make…like where to locate your house, should you go traditional or more whimsical, do you need a pier to moor your yacht, what materials to choose for construction, what type of roof, should it have a theme…oh my…so glad you came to the right place.  I’m here to help.

Let me be your real estate advisor, your construction foreman, your decorating assistant, and even your beach combing buddy as we find some interesting building materials, shells, and creatures to add to the décor.

You’ll learn some roofing techniques from faux slate, rusted tin, and clay impressed design, to simpler versions of paper and metal embossed roofs.  Learn some house façade techniques such as chipped paint and weathered wood, and a technique to rust up some of your artifacts.  How are you at building a pier and attaching it to your house, and creating realistic pylons for it?  Learn how to level your house upon decorative driftwood legs, and to decorate your pylons and house legs with shells and sculpted clay coral varieties.  Maybe you want a weathervane atop the house, we can build one.  You’ll learn to mold and sculpt some ocean creatures, and make decorative signs to hang on the house. How about a fancy porthole for a window? Of course you’ll need to construct some steps leading to your door, up there atop the house legs, and there are a variety of ways to construct them, or you may come up with your own creative steps.  How about making some fun things to set out or hang off the deck of your pier, like floats, or buoys, and fishing nets, a life ring…or even a tiny fountain made of shells?

It’s a big venture.  The decisions and creativity will come from you, your heart, and your imagination.  So if you’re up for it grab your painting coveralls, your hard hat, and your tools and lets go where we have mermaid kisses and starfish wishes to help us create your seaside beach retreat.

-Jeanne Draachreider

Please be sure to check your e-mail purchase receipt for file attachments containing your materials and supply list, and any handouts provided with this workshop DVD.

Jeanne Draachreider is a self-taught artist living in Washington State.
Her favorite art form is mixed media art. After many years of experimentation
in different art genres she loves the feeling of accomplishment that she finds
in expressing her favorite art style.

“When I’m designing and creating a structure, be it an assemblage or
something miniature, my heart beats a bit quicker. There is a challenge in
getting it all to come together and I love that.” -Jeanne Draachreider

Jeanne has an AA Degree in art. She resides with her husband and their two
rescue dogs Bo and Rocksie.



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