The Artful Gathering Team

me in cherryCristina Zinnia Galliher, Owner.  In the garden of ideas, Cristina “Zinnia” Galliher loves to see artists of all skill levels flourish and grow into the original artists they are meant to be. She knows that ideas are only ideas; that it takes a sincere passion to bring them to life.

Free from the distractions of product promoters and commercialized teaching, she applied her imagination and innovation toward creating Artful Gathering, an online haven for artists who want to experience the heart and of soul learning in a personalized online environment. With a focus on hands on education, she has fostered connections between thousands of online attendees and unique artist educators world-wide.

For over 6 years Zinnia has been presenting new and returning instructors, mentoring and sharing her knowledge and vision with others, bringing her brand of art retreat excellence to the Artful Gathering community. Attendees have offered genuine appreciation for the ceaseless hours of production and planning required to make each new online production possible. Art educators celebrate her ability to inspire high teaching standards in unity with the artists reservoir of personal experience and create license.

Her own artistic background includes 20 years of practice in a variety of art genres such as jewelry making, drawing (graphite and colored pencil) as well as folk art and mixed media collage. Her art work has been published in prominent magazines and her online art workshops have been shared with students world wide.

susan in cherrySusan Myers, Assistant Administrator. I’m thrilled at the opportunity to be a part of the AG team. It’s actually been a dream of mine ever since I became part of the faculty in 2014. Seeing how hard Zinnia works, and the hours she puts in, made me want to do all I could to help. For two years I’d end almost every email message with “Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!” So needless to say, I was overjoyed when she invited me to ‘officially’ do just that.

I see my role here as to help make things easier on Zinnia just as much as I possibly can –however I can. As well as to help our newer instructors quickly get the hang of things and start to feel at home, so that we can all continue to make AG the inspiring and amazing place for attendees to return to year after year.

I am so thankful that I get to be a creative person. I can’t imagine life without this ever-present, burning curiosity and desire to make things. Even though my methods and mediums change from time to time, the underlying drive to learn how to do new things has yet to quit churning away inside me.

Sharing your work with others can make you feel vulnerable. But when you find yourself in a place where you’re surrounded by like-minded people, we all gain from the experience of sharing our knowledge and ideas with each other. Then before you know it, vulnerability gets replaced with inspiration, motivation, and all those other good vibes!

I absolutely love being a part of this place.