Artful Programs


Artful Gathering Online Art Retreats workshops are designed by artist for artists. No matter if you are a beginner seeking to learn new skills and techniques, or a seasoned pro seeking new inspirations and perspectives, Artful Gathering has you covered.

Summer Online Workshops

We offer a dynamic array of brand new online video art retreat workshops spanning across a diverse spectrum of exciting genres. Each summer we present two back to back 6 week class sessions produced by new and returning art educators that eager to share their expertise and experiences with you inside our online classrooms. Class registration opens on May 1st. *Each of our class sessions run for 6 weeks with an additional 2 weeks for independent video review.

DVD Workshop Presentations

Artful Gathering DVDs are produced and distributed world-wide. All of titles include previously presented online workshops that have been adapted for DVD in our beautiful packaging. All of our DVDs include all the videos presented within the online classroom with run times that can vary between 60 minutes to 12 hours. Handouts and materials lists are included with your purchase.

Artful Gathering Student Works


“I can’t say enough about how much fun I had with Artful Gathering. It’s wonderful how you can access the classroom any time of day and work on it when your time allows. Also, It’s so helpful to be able to go back and review the classes. Our class had many talented and creative people in it and it was awesome to be able to get feedback from them.”- Joy Jones

“Absolutely LOVE Artful Gathering. It gets harder and harder every year to decide which class to take. Classes are exceptional. Teachers are exceptional. And, best of all the class participation is always fun. LOVE it all.” -Linda Walsh

“Enjoy your yearly art classes. I have learned so much each year that I take your awesome classes! I plan to continue to come here every year to learn more techniques to enhance my art journey! Thank you so much for offering an online experience that is top notch!!!” Zina Cate

“Artful Gathering Online Art Retreats allow flexibility in learning new techniques and connecting with some amazing artists.” – Keli Sim DeRitis

“Love this format and all the wonderful offerings.” – Polly Anna Randol

“I’m so happy I came across Art Gathering. I’ve learned so much in the jewelry classes I’ve taken. I look forward to next year!” Teresa Nelson

“Keep up the fantastic job you’ve been doing. The instructors are top notch. Can’t wait for the next Artful Gathering. A special thanks to you, Zinnia for always being there when I needed help! Warm regards.” -Roxana Healy

“Artful Gatherings let me attend four art retreats without leaving my home! It was a great experience and I can’t wait until the summer to create again!” -Melanie Christopher

“Please keep offering these amazing classes. I live in Florida and there are a few classes offered, but not like the ones you offer.” Thanks, Barbara DeLisle

“This was my first time attending an Artful Gathering Online retreat and I am so happy to have subscribed. Great classes and great teachers!” -Fulvia Kerniat

“It is evident that Artful Gathering do their utmost to make this a cohesive, well oiled, well maintained and enjoyable venue. It surpasses any on-line class that I have attended via any other venue. Zinnia’s tireless efforts are evident in the polished and professional experience given to each and every student. The best thing too is that you get to jump in to conversation, compare notes, SEE other students work, and suggestions. LOVE IT. I will be back!” -Rosemary Frew

“AG classes are the best so I have been a regular annual attender since I first heard about them. The format and experience are outstanding from beginning to end. My only complaint is that the class menu continues to grow with so many outstanding choices of talented teachers and tempting subject matter that is truly hard to narrow my class selections to just a few.”  -Linda Branch