An Artful Life is a Happier Life


Our mission is to provide a haven for inspirational self expression and artistic commercial free instruction via online guided video education and virtual social interaction for the art community.

Artful Gathering unites world wide instructors and students in order to facilitate inclusion and access to authentic creative environments and practical learning conditions.

We strive to bridge the gap between the financial and geographical barriers of brick and mortar gatherings and the application of cutting edge technology dedicating our professional leadership toward enriching lives.



We are committed
to enriching lives in
an authentic and
meaningful way.



We plan for
the long term.



We value the unique
diversity of style and
convention of every



We believe that every individual has the right to explore and develop their potential in a safe and encouraging environment.


Fotosearch_k10956951In all we do, we share our message that an artful life is a happier life.