A Hare for All Seasons DVD


Artist : Cathy Pendleton
Producer : A to Zinnia Production
Run Time : 3 Hours 30 Mins

Product Description

Folk Artist Cathy Pendleton introduces you to the art of creating large chair sitter folk art Hares. These furry characters make great holiday door greeters for your indoor entry way!

Cathy shows you how to make two variations of these hares. The smaller one measures 21″ tall in the sitting position, and the larger one is 30″. No matter the season, you can change out the little ornaments they are holding in their paws. Cathy will show you how.

Whether you are a beginner to machine sewing or a novice, Cathy will show you a number of techniques including:

Wiring the ears to make them posable
Paint wash applications to transform shiny synthetic fur to an antique find
Altering body size to accommodate vintage clothing finds

Cathy will also teach you how to make the hare’s clothing or the possibility of using vintage finds or sentimental family heirlooms for dressing.
Exclusive Hare Pattern Included.

Cathy Pendleton is a self taught folk artist living in Connecticut. She began her business in 1993 and created one-of-a-kind holiday creations for shops and galleries across the country. She was featured in several publications and her favorite part of her work involved creating a number of unique pieces and then dressing and decorating an entire store window display.

In 2007 she shifted focus and began a pattern and kit business, designing original folk art ideas for consumers who wanted to make their own family heirlooms.

It has always been her passion to find unusual and quality fabrics and supplies and translate them into treasured keepsakes.

Another feature of her unique folk art is using vintage and antique items, textiles and clothing to create a piece that, not only evokes a history and tugs at the heart strings, but also has the complete uniqueness of repurposing.



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