Adding to Your Art Arsenal: Surface Treatments & Image Transfers DVD


Artist: Darlene Olivia McElroy
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
Runtime: 3 1/2 hours

Product Description

Metallic Hocus Pocus
Learn to add visual depth to your art with surface and image transfers techniques added to your art arsenal of knowledge.

Layering these techniques will not only take your art to a new level, but it is also more interesting for the viewer. Make great backgrounds or finished art with clay monoprints. They are fast, easy and fun and great for kids or an art party with friends. Experiment with aging your art and adding bling to your art surface and then add image transfers to these great surfaces that you made!

In addition to the videos in this workshop, each section has information on the technique, supply list, troubleshooting, ideas and samples.

This workshop covers:
• Gesso texture and surfaces
• Alcohol, Salt and Plastic Wrap
• Scribing
• Stamping and Stenciling
• Patinas and Rusting
• Demented gold leaf
• Aging with Paraffin and Vaseline
• Image transfer techniques

Please be sure to check your e-mail purchase receipt for file attachments containing your materials and supply list, and any handouts provided with this workshop DVD.

butterfly divder

me5smThe richly textured mixed media paintings of Darlene Olivia McElroy reflect the vision of an artist whose involvement with man’s primal origins, sins, and religious conflicts has developed an imagery at once sensuously primitive and startlingly sophisticated. Weaving through textural surfaces, found objects, and rich symbolism, the viewer is drawn into a visual world where color plays the role of an atmospheric veil encompassing the personal myths of the artist.

McElroy, born and raised in Southern California, is descended from an old New Mexico family of artists and storytellers. She has been deeply influenced by the summers she spent growing up on her family’s ranch in Santa Fe where the rich tapestry of Hispanic life filled the nights and brightly colored the days. She currently lives in Santa Fe where she enjoys the skies, the color and the art.

Darlene’s Artful Gathering workshops include, Make Your Art Speak, Clay Casting, Impressionable, Incredible Clay, Metallic Hocus Pocus, and Adding to Your Arsenal. Available now on DVD.


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