Baby Carrot DVD


Artist: Rosemary Frew
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
Runtime:  4 Hours, 40 Mins.

Product Description

All baby bears have the most memorable first time experiences, and if this is your first time experience creating a bear, this workshop is just the right class for you. Rosemary Frew will teach you all the skills you need to make a bear with confidence while also showing you how to use elements that can make your bear very personal and special to you.

You will be guided along with a thorough understanding of how a bear is brought into being – from the flat fabric, to the sewing either by hand or machine, inserting the hardware that makes the arms and legs move, using tools and methods which ensure success. You will learn Rosemary’s fail-proof methods for making the nose, and you’ll be able to choose between two different bear styles using mohair or viscose.
Every little personal decision that makes your bear your very own will be encouraged so that you have a Baby Carrot that embodies your personal sentiments; you’ll be encouraged to use parts and pieces of blue jeans, an old shrunken sweater, lace, or perhaps an old uniform. You can use your imagination to recycle and up-cycle fabrics to make a memory bear that just might become a family treasure or keepsake for someone very special.

Baby Carrot is the perfect 1st timers bear.
Please be sure to check your e-mail purchase receipt for file attachments containing your materials and supply list, and any handouts provided with this workshop DVD.
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Rosemary Frew began her creative journey using fibre. As a young child in England she began knitting scarves and socks at the age of 7. She discovered her intuitive use of color, fiber and texture resulted into designs and creations that were unique….. at that young age a spark flickered, a flame was lit….and a beautiful creative journey began with a passion beyond compare.

Going through the fiber spectrum to feed and nurture her creativity, Rosemary began looking at other mediums to experiment and play with. Her creativity lead her into a design world as a freelance designer for international yarn companies, and consulting work for new exciting textural yarns being created back in the 1980′s. Rosemary then began her own woolen design and export company, with an indigenous Australian design range.

As with all designers, they like to experiment with new textures (or toys as she calls them) and fields, and soon was commissioned to design quilts & patterns – a love of fabric that grew. Her love of color and texture has led her to design embroidery and cross stitch patterns for thread companies and retail outlets.

Moving along through the years, and with work commitments receding almost into retirement, she now has more time to play, and at last she is able to spend more time in what she calls her ‘toy room’. At a Brisbane craft Quilt and Craft show, she discovered a beautiful fabric called mohair – which is a traditional fabric for making Teddy Bears – it was and still is love at first sight. What a powerful combination – texture, color and fiber all wrapped up together to give endless creative satisfaction. Bliss!

As always, her creative juices started to flow, and her own designs started to form, and soon Luvly Bears were born. She has been creating and making bears for nearly a decade, Still developing and creating, and ever inquisitive, she is creating with different mediums to use with her bear creations.

If you ask Rosemary what is her favorite pass-time, she will always reply: letting my mind and hands wonder through the lushness of fiber, texture and color or in other words – playing in my toy room.


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