Artist: Debby Anderson
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
Runtime: 11 Hours

Product Description


Debby Anderson presents an inspired workshop based on the historical ornate jewelry of  the 18th and 19th centuries when women in charge of their estates wore a decorative clip of long chains holding important household items about their waist. A key to the pantry where valuable teas and spices might be stored; a small notebook; sewing items; a magnifying glass or compass. These waist-hung items were referred to as equipage, later evolving to chatelaine in the early 1800’s.

In Part One of this workshop, Debby shares a wide variety of projects with you, step by step and with careful and well demonstrated instructions. You will learn how to create your own individualized Chatelaine Charm Holder Pendants.   The focal pendant/holder will be created while repurposing beautiful Art Deco Shoe Clips, Dress Clips, and/or Fur Clips, as well as vintage rhinestone Brooches, etc.  Debby will share techniques to tastefully and securely solder embellishments while respecting the historical nature of these beautiful vintage gems!  She will teach how to shape, manipulate, forge, and work-harden wire and solder to hold your tiny lockets, vintage shoe buttons and gems to just name a few!

Moving on to Part Two of Chatelaine  Debby will be working with air dry sculpting clay, molds, paint, antiquing methods, embellishments, gems; lace, seed beads, etc. to create one of a kind miniature Victorian inspired hand charms.  Once you create them you will be inspired to design them in so many ways using lots of tiny embellishments.

For Part Three of this workshop, just like all of Debby Anderson’s workshops, there will be a bonus project that you are sure to love; beautiful shadow box necklaces!

This is such a fun and exciting class to let your artistic ideas fly!


debbyDebby Anderson is a self-taught metal smith, jewelry designer and mixed media artist.

Eight years ago she started her company, “Romancing the Bling” with a focus on unique one-of-a-kind jewelry design. Her work is influenced by various time periods in history ranging from the Renaissance era through the Art Deco period. She has an affinity for incorporating religious icons, whimsical French collage, inspirational quotes and sparkling gems into her work.

Inspired by found objects and vintage jewelry components, her inspiration is found in the discovery of objects found at flea markets, antique shops and rummage sales. These “found” vintage pieces are then re-purposed and given a whole new life, by deconstructing and combining the pieces as well as altering the original finishes to form unique configurations.

All of Debby’s original creations are developed organically without sketches or the use of computer aided design programs, each piece taking on its own identity as she works through each and every step of the design. Her elegant, sophisticated designs are not complete until the back of her work is as pretty as the front! Debby’s product line, Vintage Romance have also been sold in Michaels stores.


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