Desert Spirits, DVD


Artist: Griselda Tello
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
Runtime: 11 Hours, 30 Mins.

Product Description

My intention for this very special workshop is to create several different doll sculptures using clay and mixed media elements that will inspire students to create a number of other projects I am teaching in this class. In this instance the themes I have chosen were inspired by my love for the desert and the first people of Arizona. I am teaching students how to create a variety of spirit dolls based on these themes.

The Blue Corn Maiden and Sedona Moon doll series are core symbols of abundance, prosperity and serenity.  The rich colors of the land connected with the stories, lore and traditions of the Native American Hopi and Anasazi people inspired me to make these figures.

The first doll in the series introduces students to The Blue Corn Maiden’s Journey.  These all-inclusive lessons demonstrate how to create kitchen witches on a whisk attached to a glass jar. I will introduce two different color palettes to students so that you may choose the tones you like best.

In the second section of this workshop, we move forward on our journey together where we will meet The Sedona Moon Doll series represented by two spirit dolls; The Squash Blossom Song and Shaman Moon supported by a painter’s brush, honoring our inner artistic muse.

In the third section of this workshop, I am also going to share a surprise bonus doll project called Little Dragonfly, Totem Spirit Doll. This project will encompass added lessons on how to create a winged spirit doll, going beyond the assemblage work included in the first two projects!

Please be sure to check your e-mail purchase receipt for file attachments containing your materials and supply list, and any handouts provided with this workshop DVD.

Griselda Tello began her formal training under the guidance of her mother, Kasandra Martell. Griselda’s art represents over 45 years of painting and teaching experience.

“Although painting is my first love, assemblage art figures have become an essential spiritual practice. I love the process of sculpting with polymer clay and working with textiles, yarn, fibers and found objects; creating a context where magic begins.”
-Griselda Tello

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