Gift of the Raven, DVD


Artist: Sandra Duran Wilson
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
Runtime: 6 Hours, 45 Mins

Product Description

Transforming your art with layers is an acrylic painting technique and process that will result in a double painting (one mounted on top of the other). The process will inspire the novice and challenge the more experienced painter. I will venture with you from start to finish, through the twists and turns of building layers, creating textures and adding vibrant colors. I will hold your hand through the intermediate, not so pretty phase, and push you to let go of the preciousness of your process. You will emerge on the other side and be more confident in your color choices, compositions, tools and techniques. I will walk with you through the steps, and for the more confident, I will suggest alternative choices and innovative ideas you may wish to follow.

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Sandra Duran Wilson comes from a family of artists and scientists. She grew up in a world where everything was possible, where she would look through the microscope in her father’s office and then draw what she saw. Sandra’s early years were spent on the border of Mexico where the people, animals, landscape, drama of the religious rituals, and stories of the curanderas shaped her reality. Years later she would return frequently to Mexico and South America to absorb the culture, traditions, and art. Her cultural studies combined with her scientific explorations has directed her work from realism to abstract mixed media.Her work is influenced by abstract scientific concepts in physics, biology and chemistry. The pure fun of exploring what paint can do and her natural curiosity keeps the work fresh and lively. She focused on traditional print-making while in art school; and later developed her own techniques to achieve the same results using natural non-toxic methods. Her painting style has developed along the lines of the Abstract Expressionists, but she is most influenced by the materials, and she continues to experiment with all the new mediums and methods that come along. She states that, “I hope in the future to be able to create a world of art that you can enter into and experience on all sensory levels”.


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