Magazine Magic DVD


Artist: Madeleine de Kemp
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
Runtime: 4 Hours, 20 Mins.

Product Description

Magazine Magic is a workshop about art journaling, but unlike other journal workshops this one is all about one basic ‘material’: Magazines !

Madeleine de Kemp packs this fun and colorfully inspiring workshop with fun projects where you will learn how you can put your old magazines to good use in your art journals. In depth demonstrations guide you through the fun and ever-so-creative process where you will learn to recycle your magazines into great art journaling materials.

All of these projects are very accessible and easy-to-do.

In very clear and instructive video lessons Madeleine de Kemp shows you how to:
– Make colorful journaling backgrounds from magazine papers
– Make lovely borders from bits & pieces of magazine photographs
– Create pages in your ‘gluebook’
– Make your own painted papers for collage use
– Design quirky characters to use on your journal pages
– Develop fun collage sheets that you can use over and over again
– Do ‘doodle-bombing’
– Work with paint-over collage
– Make fun little things like colorful tags or little envelopes
– Use magazine text & fonts in your journal
– Create lovely mini journals from magazine pages

All in all, this colorful workshop will leave you with lots of inspiration & new ideas, and can be enjoyed both by art journaling beginners, and those who already do journaling.



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