Metal Embossing – Contemporary Techniques of an Ancient Craft


Artist: Elitia Hart
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
Runtime: 4 Hours 20 Mins

Product Description

Students will be introduced to the art of metal embossing, a simple craft working on thin metal sheet, using basic hand tools to create an ornamental 3-dimensional design by engraving, embossing and high relief mark making.

This ancient craft will be presented and applied by using contemporary designs and modern techniques. Students will become familiar with the hand tools and the three key mark making techniques while contemplating a small bookmark sampler as well as lettering.

On a Metal Art Journal (the primary project) these basic techniques will be expanded on to include lettering and the use of stencils, molds and embellishments as well as adding colors and patinas!

Elitia Hart is a South African born metal artist and mixed media explorer living in Calgary, Canada. Having worked with and explored a variety of artistic materials and techniques she found her true medium of expression when introduced to metal sheet embossing in 1999. Metal Embossing is the process of creating an ornamental 3-dimensional design in malleable metal sheet, giving volume and texture by raising, engraving and/or embossing with the use of basic hand tools to create decorative effects.

Elitia creates one-of-a-kind metal embossed art pieces including custom hand tooled pewter mirror frames, boxes, journals etc…frankly, she sticks metal on pretty much anything that stands still long enough….

 For the past 16 years Elitia has enjoyed sharing her knowledge and technique through teaching introductory and advanced metal art classes and workshops at her home studio, retail stores and social groups across North America. Elitia was the 2015 guest artist for the Tesoro Del Corazon Retreat group Royal Santos project in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Until 2010 she had worked almost exclusively with pewter sheet until a chance introduction to the Ten Seconds Studio website and their colored aluminum metals. A bra-free weekend in Dallas, Texas and an inspiring TSS Metal Certification course later she found herself obsessively experimenting and creating small artworks with these great tools, beautiful colored metals and versatile texture molds.

Elitia’s Mixed Media and Metal Art Box article was published in the July/August 2015 Issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine and also appeared on the cover. Elitia is passionate about sharing her knowledge of the art of metal embossing and looks forward to be part of the Artful Gathering online teaching community.


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