Romantic Relic Frames DVD


Artist: Riki Schumacher
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
Runtime: 190 min

Product Description

romantic relic frames

In this exciting class, Riki Schumacher shows you how to make a mixed media frame, from scratch! This is a drop dead gorgeous opportunity to enshrine one of your favorite memories for all time.

In this workshop Riki will be showing you detailed, step-by-step demonstrations of every step needed to complete your frame, and make it your own. Whether you are a virgin at soldering with a butane torch or experienced in metal work, there is something new for you here.

Here are just some of the things you will learn in this workshop:

  • Sawing metal with a jewelers saw
  • Piercing and drilling sheet metal
  • Flooding solder with a butane micro torch
  • Drilling flooded solder
  • Attaching micro hardware
  • Learning some cold connections
  • Attaching rhinestone chain through a soldered technique
  • Creating patterns
  • Forming a base for the frame
  • Designing a leg from wire and soldering

Please be sure to check your e-mail purchase receipt for file attachments containing your materials and supply list, and any handouts provided with this workshop DVD.

butterfly divder
riki newA popular and recognized artist/instructor, Riki studied graphic arts and teaching, earning a B.A. degree in Visual Communications, focusing on drawing, printing, graphics, and photography. Family member artists, exposing her to painting, music, ceramics and more, were plentiful. For Riki, art is as important as the air we breathe. She recognizes art heals and focuses her, satisfying a burning desire for expression.

After retiring from a grinding career in media, she returned to her passion…art. A jewelry designer for fifteen years, Riki has taught for the last half dozen. She began with mixed media jewelry making, studying with the masters of the craft. Lately she has explored watercolor and acrylic painting. With her love of travel, watercolor art journaling is a new passion.

In the past, you could find her designs in juried art festivals, as well as various boutiques nationally. Riki even had her own line of cast dog image jewelry for many years. She has been featured many times in prestigious art publications such as Stampington’s Belle Armoire, Jewelry Affaire and Belle Armoire Jewelry.

Teaching has become the focus of Riki’s outlet now. She often teaches at national mixed media retreats like Art Unraveled, Adorn Me, Vivi Magoo and Art is You. We’re proud to say this year marks Riki’s fifth year as an instructor with Artful Gathering. She enjoys teaching on line workshops, saying “I love being able to reach students worldwide, in the convenience of their home”. Be sure to check out Riki’s workshops. Students come back often with glowing reviews about her fun classes, saying she provides highly detailed instruction, packed full of techniques.

Riki’s Artful Gathering Retreat workshops include, Petite Photo Frames, Musical Delights, Stackable Boho Bangles, Downton Heirloom Cuff Bracelets, Overcoming the Fear of Fire, Whimsical Teensies, Sweet Tweets, and Romantic Relic Frames.


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