Stuff of Dreams DVD


Artist: Karen O’ Brien
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
Run Time: 6 Hours

Product Description

Experience the magic of intuitive painting to create the Stuff of Dreams. Mixed Media Artist Karen O’ Brien shares a colorful variety of dreamy approaches and techniques. You’ll explore how to use a primary color palette and a variety of mixed media exercises and tools to make a mysterious and intreguing background.

Next, Karen will cover how to paint creative faces, and then, combining those faces with your mixed media background, resulting in an 11″ x 14″ character painting!

This is the Stuff of Dreams, so you’ll be going even further into the creative process using your painting as a jumping off point to create a pattern and ultimately, a mixed media art doll using even more amazing fabric techniques.

Karen O’ Brien has designed this class for all skill levels, taking you along step by step, but with plenty of inspiration for intermediate and advanced painters and doll makers!

Karen O’ Brien. I am a self taught mixed media artist and painter of soulful characters. I try to find a story of simplicity and harmony in each piece of art I make.

I started my creative journey as a teddy bear artist and developed a love of vintage toys, children’s books and all things handmade. I am influenced by shape, color and patterns, both created by hand and found in nature. When I create, I let my muse take me where it wants to go. I play and enjoy the process, while looking for my imaginary characters to make an appearance.

Teaching is an integral part of my artist’s life, sharing techniques and learning from my students. The core of my teaching is to share the value of playful curiosity, learning to see with your heart and trusting the process. I wrote my book “Imaginary Characters: Mixed Media Painting Techniques for Figures and Faces” with that philosophy in mind.

You can follow my artist’s journey from my website, which includes links to my Urban Folktales blog, Facebook and Pinterest pages. Please visit:



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