The Elven Tree DVD


Artist: Luthien Thye
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
Run Time: 8 Hours

Product Description

Come, one and all … join me on this wonderful and magical journey of ”The ElvenTree.” Who knows, perhaps you might be the Chosen One, the one that would open the box and find within the secrets of the Lady of Eryneth … The techniques that I will be sharing with you :

– How to make your own box Yes! with pieces of wood from scratch. And you only need a cutter to do this, believe it or not!
– How to sculpt the ElvenTree-of-Life window. One that you can peer through its branches. What’s more, it opens too!
– How to create the ‘stone’ texture with an unconventional texturing medium
– How to create subtle coloring in the ‘stone’
– How to create faux studded metal corners in 2 different ways
– How to create the ‘ravaged by time’ look – How to install all the essential hardware

Luthien Thye. Like many who discovered art at a later age in their lives, I have never been to art school nor had any formal training in art. In fact, my early education couldn’t be farther away from anything that resembled “artistic” or “creative”, unless you consider “creative book-keeping” an art form! After graduating in Accounting & Economics, I returned home to Malaysia where I so much as worked 6 hours in my dad’s company and ended up totally convinced that the 9-5 managerial job was not my cup of tea. And so I pursued my first love … the Stage.

After many years on the stage dancing, singing and making a fool of myself whilst earning decent money, I did what my heart wanted me to do next … fall in love and start a family. And although the stage will always have a special place in my heart, I am now a mother to 2 of the most amazing little girls and a wife to the most steadfast, loving and encouraging man.

So here it is … my story … my little journey prior to how I finally fell into the world of making things with my hands. What I make reflects my experiences in life, my emotions, my feelings about certain things, my stories and of course, the many worlds that reside in my imagination. So when I say “I make art” … it just means that I am manifesting bits and pieces of me in a more tangible form.


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