Watercolor Toolbox, Two DVD


Artist: Jacqueline Newbold
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Mins.

Product Description


Jacqueline Newbold’s workshop,Watercolor Toolbox Two, is the perfect way to help you improve your beginning watercolor painting skills. You will learn how to do a contour drawing, make a color-mixing chart, and get volume and depth in your paintings. Jacqueline will share some of her drawing techniques that will make drawing fun and easy. Watercolor Toolbox Two is the perfect complement to Watercolor Toolbox, now available on DVD.

Please be sure to check your e-mail purchase receipt for file attachments containing your materials and supply list, and any handouts provided with this workshop DVD.


jacquelineJacqueline Newbold’s life journey gives her a never-ending source of inspiration to represent gems of the world in her color-filled paintings. Using a warm and playful color palette, Jacqueline enjoys exploring ways to incorporate mixed media into her art. She teaches watercolor and art journaling classes both nationally and internationally. At home, her two Jack Russells, Olive and Mischa, keep her company in her Central Oregon studio. You can visit at www.djnewbold.blogspot.com


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