Wear Your Story


Artist: Leslie Marsh
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
Runtime: 5 Hours

Product Description

Everyone has a story. This one begins with a creme brûlée torch and a roll of solder.

Join book artist Leslie Marsh for this technique-packed wearable book workshop. Using materials easily sourced at your local hardware and craft store, you will forge small relic-like book covers. You’ll learn various techniques for adding content to your book. Then, using a centuries-old technique, you’ll bind it all together into a tiny tome to hold your unique story. You won’t stop there though. Using your favorite beads and found objects, Leslie will guide you through several methods of turning your book into a head-turning piece of jewelry you’ll be proud to wear.

The techniques you learn in this workshop will arm you to make books of all sizes. They include:

– How to pool solder onto base metal and attach metal findings
– How to add patina to metal
– How to prepare a photo and add it to your book cover
– Coptic bookbinding
– The process of preparing paper to be bound into a book
– Various jewelry techniques including wire wrapping and how to create hook fasteners from wire


Book artist Leslie Marsh is driven by her love of nature and a fascination for cultural and family history. Using metal, stones and vintage findings, she forges relic-like book covers that call to mind medieval treasure bindings created during the Middle Ages. Leslie also spends a lot of time experimenting with the marks left by leaves on paper by steeping the two together. The resulting ecoprints form signature wrappers used in most of her work. Her books are held in private collections across the US, Europe and Australia. She works from her home studio in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Visit her at Leslie-Marsh.com


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